"Sold In US"                                                             

The exploitation of the working class is something that has inevitably been a huge part of the structure of the U.S.  My work is a celebration of the hard working unjustly treated workers other countries who sell their creations with the limited amount of resources that they have. The intricacy, time and dedication put into these vessels spike my interest.  Many of these handmade items sit in a store and are easily overlooked. As I paint them I try to grab the attention of my viewers to look at these objects in a different light by enticing them to have a closer look through my mark makings. Ultimately the idea is to bring the attention to my paintings which guides us to appreciate the pains that were invested into the making of the object. The objects are presented in an iconic manner to underline that these things should not be ignored, but rejoiced.

I try to use physical qualities of oil paint to achieve a similar detail of craft through the meticulous and fastidious detail that i create to mirror the artisans. I lay paint on the canvas fairly thickly to achieve these effects. Compositionally, I use color and texture to highlight certain cultural qualities of the object itself. My paintings are like mosaics that are made by small fragments of materials to form an image. In my case I use textured and almost stippled technique in my paintings through small tiny strokes to build a larger form. I imagine these small dashes representing the billions of people coming together to make something larger-essentially symbolizing the people of the world coming together as one, the unity of the world. If there is one part of the world that is in struggle the rest of the world would be affected by it.  In conclusion I would like the viewer to ask themselves how we obtained these riches and goods? Where did we get them? What is the real worth of the items that are sold? America being the country of diverse cultures it is important to acknowledge and support immigrant and foreign workers.